These Cats And Dogs Think They're Siblings And It’s AdorableWho says cats and dogs can't get long?
[VIDEO] Pugs Make For Good Reindeers?So, it looks like it is possible for reindeers to get a year off and be replaced by... pugs?
New Study Finds That Dogs Are Smarter Than CatsLet the arguments begin!
Dallas City Council Finally Bans Chaining And Tethering Our Dogs And Leaving Them OutsideAfter months and months of unnecessary delay, the Dallas City Council has finally passed an ordinace banning the tethering and chaining of our pooches and just leaving them.
New Study Reveals Humans Care About Dogs More Than Other HumansDidn't we already kind of know this without doing a study?
Two American Women and Their Dogs Rescued at Sea After Five Months.A Taiwanese fishing boat found Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava drifting on a sailboat about 900 miles southeast of Japan.
Dogs Are Now Allowed At Walt Disney WorldAs of this past Sunday, you can bring your pooch to the Happiest Place on Earth!
California Becomes First State To Ban Sale Of Non-Rescue Cats, Dogs, And RabbitsThe bill was put in the motion to both cut down on financial support for these "puppy mills," where some dogs have been found to live in deplorable conditions, as well as promote the adoption of homeless pets
Cameras Capture The Emotional Moment An Owner Reunites With His Dog Displaced By HarveyThousands upon thousands of animals were displaced from their owners due to the effects of Hurricane Harvey.  
Southwest Airlines Flew Cabin Full Of Dogs And Cats Rescued From Shelter's Due To Hurricane Harvey
Toxins In India Are Turing Dogs BlueA Mumbai manufacturing company has been shut down after dumping hazardous dyes into a local river.
Here's a List of Great Places and Parks to Take your Dog for the Day in DFW

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