"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" Star Lainie Kazan ArrestedMy Big Fat Greek Wedding star Lainie Kazan was caught allegedly trying to shop-lift $180 in groceries and cleaning supplies on Christmas eve and arrested for petty theft.
News Anchor Caught Watching Demi Lovato Video In Middle Of Live ReportHey, we've all had those moments where we look and act like we're working to appease the bosses as they walk by, but in reality were on social media or YouTube.
Reporter Catches Foul Ball and Plays It Off Like Its Nothing
Texas Fisherman Catches 1,033 Pound Hammerhead SharkIts the largest fish ever caught in the state of Texas.
Ellen Films Audience Member Stealing From Her Show And It Gets Awkward Real Quick! (Video)If you're reading this right now, we have a life tip for you.  Don't steal.  Like ever.
Dude's Snapchat Mistake Revealed He's Dating 7 Women at Once and Karma Is FunnyGuess he wasn't as Snapchat savvy as he thought.
Hero Catches Baby Thrown Out Of The 10th Story Of A Burning BuildingThis is a real life superhero right here.
Woman Accidentally Texts Boyfriend Her Plans To Cheat On HimWord of advice, you might want to review everything about that text a few times before you hit "send."
Largest Alligator In Texas Caught Alive At Trinity River Wildlife RefugeA massive alligator was wrangled in the Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge last week, after he reportedly began becoming "a little too friendly" near the lake's shores
DashCam Spots Reindeers?Well, looks like Santa was out on Christmas Eve night
Employee Robs Own Restaurant And Returns To WorkWinner, Winner, you're going to jail.
Teacher Caught Kissing Student On Camera

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