What If You Replaced The Curling Rock With Cats?Ok, we are all here for the dumb stuff found on the internet.
Southwest Airlines Relief Flight Rescues 62 Stray Dogs And Cats From Puerto RicoAfter months of organization, Southwest Airlines just completed a relief mission to hurricane-battered Puerto Rico that brought over 14,000 pounds in supplies to the island, and brought back 62 rescued stray dogs and cats.
These Cats And Dogs Think They're Siblings And It’s AdorableWho says cats and dogs can't get long?
Grown Lions Hug And Kiss Woman Who Raised Them In Adorable ReunionMalkia and Adelle are two lions who were rejected by their mother when they were cubs.
New Study Finds That Dogs Are Smarter Than CatsLet the arguments begin!
This Couple Recreates Famous Movie Scenes with Their Cat
Pittsburgh Retail Shop Employs "Pet Ambassadors" To Help Shoppers Deal With Holiday Shopping StressIf you happen to go shopping at the Kiski Garden Center in Allegheny Township in Pittsburgh, be sure to say hello to Pete, and his counterpart, Sparkles.
California Becomes First State To Ban Sale Of Non-Rescue Cats, Dogs, And RabbitsThe bill was put in the motion to both cut down on financial support for these "puppy mills," where some dogs have been found to live in deplorable conditions, as well as promote the adoption of homeless pets
Sorry, The Pic Of Donald Trump Rescuing 2 Cats In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey Is FakeWe have yet another fake photo that has surfaced from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. You may have seen a photograph floating around of the President of the Untied States carrying two scared cats through the flood waters of Houston.
Southwest Airlines Flew Cabin Full Of Dogs And Cats Rescued From Shelter's Due To Hurricane Harvey
California Community Worried Their Pets Are Being Stalked By The Deadly ChupacabraA quaint Southern California town is under attack, if its residents have any say in the matter.
This Simple Gadget Helps You Take Perfect Pics Of Your PetThe 'Flexy Paw' is a must have for all you pet lovers.

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