Today Marks 50 Years Since the Iconic Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Footage Was FilmedTo Bigfoot aficionados, this one minute footage became the most significant film ever made.
Rob Lowe "Feared Death" During Bigfoot Encounter While Filming New DocuseriesIn the show, Rob and his sons, Matthew and John Owen, explore different mysterious phenomena across the country.
Possible Bigfoot Prints Found In Round Rock, TexasDo you believe Bigfoot exists?
Idaho Woman Blames Car Crash On Sasquatch SightingA woman told police she struck a deer driving south on U.S. Highway 95 after being distracted by the Sasquatch that was chasing it.
Man Dressed As Human Tree Or "Pot Sasquatch" Trolls Live Weather Broadcast
VIDEO: Did Bigfoot Photobomb A Michigan Eagle Nest Cam?See for yourself if Sasquatch did a "peek-a-boo"!
Filmmaker Says "Bigfoot" Ruined His Life
VIDEO: Yorkie Protects Man From 'Sasquatch' In Boone, North CarolinaPoor Bigfoot. He was probably just looking for some beefy jerky.
Man Claims He Shot Bigfoot
Research Team Claims To Have Proof Of Bigfoot's ExistenceA North Texas group claims to have definitive proof that Bigfoot is real!
WATCH: Compelling Bigfoot Video From Remote British Columbia
Bigfoot Relative Caught On Camera

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