'Sexy' Kangaroo Blocks Tourist From Using the Restroom, Goes ViralThis isn't a usual road block.
Doughnut Milkshakes Being Added To Krispy Kreme Menu
Driver Stopped in Traffic Because of a Koala Fight on the RoadThis is not a joke.
Public Votes To Name New Australian Ferry "Ferry McFerryface"The city of Sydney, Australia gave its citizens the opportunity to name the last ferry in a new line ofinner harbour vessels.
Facebook's Strategy For Combating Revenge Porn Involves Sending Them Nude Photos Of YourselfIn order to combat a disturbing growing trend in the appearance of "revenge porn," Facebook has developed a new strategy that will reduce the chances of nude photographs being posted to their website without that individual's consent.
Australia Is Using A New Algorithm To Prevent Future CrimesPredictive policing methods are now being used to target people suspected of committing future crimes.
People Are Freaking Out Over This 6'5'' Jacked KangarooHow does a kangaroo get in this good a shape?
Who's Ready For Nutella Pasta?Its the new fusion dessert no one asked for.
Man Organizes Robbery Of Own Home To Help Break Up With His GirlfriendA man in Gladstone in Australia went to the absolute extreme in order to break up with his girlfriend.
Australian Couple Has Dream Wedding Inside CostcoBut perhaps the best part of the entire ceremony?  Since guests were treated to food from the supermarket, it cost less than $10 per person to serve Costco staples pizza, hot dogs, and pies.
Koala Survives Ten Mile Ride Clutching Inside Of Car's AxleA driver in Adelaide, Australia began hearing strange noises coming from the undercarriage of his car. 
Popular Episode Of "Peppa Pig" Pulled From Air After Telling Kids "Spider's Can't Hurt You"For the second time, a controversial episode of the popular children's show "Peppa Pig" has been pulled from Australia's airwaves.

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