96-Year-Old Runs World's Only Toilet Seat Museum Out Of Garage In San AntonioOver the years, Barney Smith has collected over 1,300 pieces of art.  Well, some see these pieces as art. Others, call them toilet seats.
Grand Prairie is Giving 20 Local Artists a Chance to Paint Its Traffic Light Boxes
Rainbow Stretch Marks: An Artist Is Turning Women's Stretch Marks Into Works Of ArtThese are quite beautiful!
Pennywise The Dancing Clown Nail Art Is Here Just In Time For Halloween!There's no doubt that Pennywise inspired looks will be entering the mainstream fashion and beauty worlds, and the first step is here.
Actor Jason Lee, has Photographs From His New Book on Display in Fort Worth
Artist Leaves 15,000 Coins on a Sidewalk and Live Tweets What HappensWhat would you do if you stumbled across this many coins?
Photographs by My Name is Earl Actor, Jason Lee are for Sale in Deep Ellum
There's a Floral Designer in New York, Turning Trash Cans into Huge Flower Arrangements
Students Leave Pineapple In Middle Of Art Exhibit, Visitors Mistake It For Actual ArtNow we don't claim to be any experts on art, but we think we would have been able to sniff out this prank pretty quickly.
Plano Artist Makes Art Out of Popcorn Kernels
Shia LaBeouf Is Now Living Alone In A Remote Cabin In Finland
Man Gets "Kanye West" And "Kim Kardashian" Tattooed On His Legs, Calls It The "Most Important Piece Of Pop Culture Art Right Now"Look. We're no art historians, but will history look back at @wtfjon's new tattoos and determine he was right calling it the "most important piece of pop culture art?"

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