I’m a native New Englander.  From the moment I learned how to drive, my Dad taught me that you need to wash your car as soon as the cold temperatures come up.  The reason?  Sand, and especially salt…they can kill your car.


It’s simple chemistry: the salt corrodes the undercarriage and finish of your automobile.

It’s no different here in DFW.  You know those smoky-looking parallel lines you see (especially) on the highways?  That’s a brine (or salt water) solution that crews sprayed on the roads prior to the wintry weather we had on Monday night: it was supposed to prevent snow and ice from sticking to the ground.

If you’ve been driving around DFW, chances are you have that stuff stuck to the bottom of your car.  And I’ve got news for you: it’s slowly but surely eating away at the wiring, muffler and bolts under your ride.  We’re talking mucho dinero if any of those things break.

Knowing all of that, please get your car washed this weekend (the temperatures are perfect for it).  Not just the upper part of your automobile…but underneath, too.  Make it a point to wash from top to bottom, as well.

Go ahead and get your ride vacuumed, too: those M & Ms on the floor aren’t going to pick themselves up!

Posted by Hatch

Source: NBC DFW

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