Comedian Louis C.K. Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By Five Different Women

Louis C.K. has come under sexual misconduct by five different women the New York Times is reporting.

According to the Report Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov were invited to Louis C.K.’s hotel room back in 2002 and after they got to the hotel C.K. asked if he could “take out his penis”, and preceded to get naked.

Abby Schachner is accusing the comedian of masturbating on the phone with her back in 2003.

Rebecca Corry accused C.K. of aksing hif he could masturbate in front of her back in 2005. Courtney Cox who was Executive Producer on the show the C.K. worked on with Corry confirmed the incident to the New York Times.

Another woman who wanted to remain anonymous told the New York Times that she had an incident with C.K. in the 90’s while he worked for ‘The Chris Rock Show’. According to the report C.K. repeatedly asked her if he could masturbate in front of her.

You can read more about the allegations right HERE.

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