Joel Osteen Impersonator Crashes Joel Osteen Event

A comedy sketch team trolled Joel Osteen in the best way.

They got a Joel Osteen look alike. The comedy group Dabs Den took a small video crew with them to an event Joel was hosting in California, at the Forum in Inglewood. Michael Klimkowski, the look alike stayed in character from when they arrived to meet the parking attendant all the way till they were being escorted out of the event. They just walked right through security and even took selfies with everyone on there way down to the stage. According to AVClub, the threat of jail at the end of the clip was from Osteen security. The “real police” thought the whole thing was funny. Klimkowski says “Nobody was arrested. We were escorted off property. All the security was really nice, except for that one dude you can hear in the video.” Check out the clip below.

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