Apparently There’s a Problem With the Apple & Google Burger Emoji

There’s a new kind of burger war brewing and has nothing to do with how they taste.

A Twitter user has pointed out and started a discussion of the order of ingredients on the burger emoji on both Google and Apple devices. Apparently both burgers are arranged incorrectly. Both emoji’s are different. Mashable points out that Google’s version of the emoji places the cheese underneath the burger, with the lettuce leaf on top of all the other ingredients. Meanwhile, Apple’s version has the cheese placed atop the burger, with lettuce underneath the patty. Many online believe the cheese should be on top on the meat instead of underneath, and that the lettuce should be placed on top of tomato instead of underneath the meat. Google’s CEO sent a tweet out stating they will address the concern on Monday. What order should the ingredients go on a burger? Let us know in the comments.

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