Judge Serves Eviction Notice On Pregnant Woman’s Unborn Baby, And It Works!

Author: JT

Utah mom Kaylee Bays was pregnant with her third child, a girl, and she just refused to be born.

She returned to her job one day s a judicial assistant at the Fourth District Court in Provo, where she jokingly asked Judge Lynn Davis if he could serve an eviction notice on her unborn baby.  And he was totally game!

He served the notice, and wouldn’t you believe it, less than 12 hours later, Kaylee welcomed baby Gretsel into the world!

Judge Davis said this was the first eviction notice he’d ever written for a baby in his 31 years behind the bench, and he told Bays he had one special request if it happened to work.  Bays said, “He told me, ‘If it really works, I want it framed.’  It did, and I’m going to frame it for him.  She came 12 hours later.  So far, she’s a good listener.  She didn’t want to be in contempt of court.”


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