We all might have a friend or two that is just too nice for their own good.  Their personality extends beyond just making an excellent first impression, and that’s just how they are.

Unfortunately, those qualities are becoming rarer and rarer.

It’s not that difficult to become one of those people, however.  There are plenty of ways to become a genuinely kind and likeable person, and it all starts with new habits you can develop right now.

-Give before you receive, knowing you may never receive.

Focus on what you can provide, not what you can get from others!  Giving is the only way to establish a real relationship with another.

-Shift the spotlight to other people.

Nobody receives enough praise.  People will appreciate you telling them they did something well!

-Listen three times more than you talk.

Communicate and respond verbally and nonverbally.  Be engaged in the other person!  Only offer advice when asked, because often, listening shows you care a lot more than offering advice does.

-Never practice selective hearing.

Listen to everyone!  Many times, some people won’t give others the time of day because they feel they are superior.

-Be thoughtful simply because you can.

Use your free time to do something nice, just because you can.

-Put your stuff away.

Put your phone away.  Don’t drift and stare off at your computer or television.  It’s really hard connecting with others if you’re too busy connecting with your junk at the same time.

-Never act self-important…

The only people impressed by stuffy and pretentious people are other stuffy and pretentious people.

-…Because other people are always more important.

Back to always listening to others, it’s really difficult to learn anything new from yourself.  You already know what you know, but you may have no idea what somebody else knows!  Other people are a lot mor important to you than you are, because you can learn from them.

-Choose your words wisely.

“You don’t have to go meet this person, you get to go meet this person.”  Everybody wants to associate with happy, enthusiastic, and fulfilled people.  Don’t be a Negative Nellie.

-Never talk about the failings of other people…

Sharing gossip and dirt might be fun, but do your best not to laugh at other people.  More often than not, the people around you will begin to wonder if you secretly laugh at them.

-…But readily admit your own failings.

Charisma and likeability isn’t dependent on actual success.  Be humble, share your mistakes with others, and always laugh at yourself.  Others will laugh with you, not at you.

Via Inc.

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