Waxahachie Man Growing A Watermelon Named Roberto That Is As Big As A Human

Author: JT

Waxahachie resident Joey Grmela is growing a watermelon that’s just as big as a human.  It’s more than 48 inches wide, weighs almost 160 pounds, and took THREE people to lift onto a scale.

Grmela has nicknamed the watermelon “Roberto,” affectionately named after the man who helped built its greenhouse.  Grmela is preparing Roberto for a competition in Missouri where watermelons can grow up to 300 pounds.

To grow one of these beasts, Grmela uses a MASSIVE amount of water, up to 5,000 gallons for just one watermelon.  He also focuses only one melon, removing all the others from the vine so the one can be the sole focus of nutrients and attention.

Grmela says his melons can grow up to five pounds a week.  He told WFAA, “My goal here is to just keep going until I get that world record.”


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