SMU Forces Students Out Of Dorms Into The Rain After Power Outage Shuts Down Campus

Author: JT

Southern Methodist University was completely shut down late yesterday afternoon due to a power outage across campus.

The outage began just after 4pm, forcing the University to close campus buildings including dining locations and dorms, and cancel classes for the evening.  Not only were the dorms closed, students living on campus were forced to vacate until the situation was resolved.

Students were asked to vacate the dorms by 7pm last night.  The Highland Park United Methodist Church offered students a place to stay if they didn’t have a place to go, but some made it clear there was no Plan B.  One student told Fox 4, “We don’t know where we’re going to be staying.  This is a mess.  They told us to evacuate the room and he said, ‘Go to Walmart.  Go to CVS.’  So he didn’t give us a place to stay.  We have nowhere to go.”

Students were encouraged to keep close to their cell phones and monitor SMU’s Twitter feed to find out when it was safe to return.  By 9pm last night, power began returning to the campus and students were let back into their dorms.

Via Fox 4

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