Richard Branson And Mark Cuban Get Physical During ‘Shark Tank’

Richard Branson and Mark Cuban got into it on a recent episode of  ABC’s ‘Shark Tank.’ Yunha, from San Francisco, was on pitching her meditation app, Simple Habit. Cuban pointed out that Yunha already had a large cash flow and accused her of just being on the show for promotional reasons. Cuban then called the young woman a “gold digger” after she asked for $600,000 for 5% of the company.

Richard Branson came to the woman’s defense, offering her $300,000 for 10% of her company. Cuban wasn’t having any of that, responding with a sarcastic, “it has to be $600,000.” Without missing a beat, Branson said “I think the water just has to go,” before throwing it all over Cuban.

Shaken by the billionaire brawl, Yunha decided to not take any offers. You can check out the video above.

Via Yahoo

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