Here’s Where to Find Healthier Options at The State Fair of Texas

Fired food and the State Fair of Texas go hand in hand.

What about all of those who don’t crave all that fried goodness? If you’re looking for all of the healthy option we’ve got you covered. CBS DFW has found all the food vendors with not only vegetarian options but not fried options as well.

Fruteria Cano has fresh fruit on a stick, along with a fried mango option if you just can’t help it.
BW’s Fried Ribs offers hummus with veggies and pita.
Doc’s Street Grill doesn’t fry any of it’s food and offers a Caribbean Pineapple Korn-A-Copia with grilled chicken and grilled shrimp.
Fletcher’s Corn Dogs even has a veggie corn dog available.

You really can find anything and everything at the State Fair of Texas.

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