Wife Reveals Kidney Donation to Husband in a Unique Way and Goes Viral

Husband and wife duo, Steve and Heather Winfree, are finally undergoing a much needed surgery. The Nashville couple recently went viral after Heather Winfree revealed to her husband she was a match and would be donating her kidney to her husband, who has battled kidney disease for fourteen years. Heather devised a plan to make sure the reveal would be a unique and unforgettable experience, and that it was.

Heather had contacted Topps, a manufacturer of chewing gum and sports trading cards with a unique request. She had a deck made with a variety of baseball cards that included a “novelty item” in it as well. You can see in the video Steve sifting through the cards mentioning player stats here and there. As he was going through the deck, Steve found a novelty item in there. It was a card of himself, but when he turns it around, he realizes it was much more than that.

Today, Heather and Steve went through with surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Steve has been sharing his updates on Twitter as well, thanking everyone for their thoughts and prayers and of course, thanking his wife for “saving my life.”

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