Second Mavs Plane Heading to Puerto Rico for Hurricane Relief

Mark Cuban has given JJ Barea the okay to use the team’s charter plane again for hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico. This time the flight is organized by both JJ Barea and his wife. The plane left Dallas Love Field airport early this morning at 5:40 a.m. and was fully equipped with water, medicine, generators, tools, and food. The plane, which holds about 63 people, will be bringing about 60 people back to the states.

Barea said in a statment, “Grandparents and moms with kids that want to get out and are trying to get out. We wish we could take everybody that wants to get out but we can’t, so we’ll do our best.”

The point guard is letting his wife take charge of the relief efforts this time while he stays behind for practice.

You can see photos from Barea’s first trip to Puerto Rico earlier this week using the Mavs charter plane.

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