Guy Makes His Dog a Tinder Account and the Responses are Hilarious

This is how you Tinder guys.

Phil, the Alaskan Malamute is already well known on the internet for standing in as best man for for his owners wedding. Now he can be found on Tinder in two different cities, Boston and LA. lifewithmalamutes Instagram posted “So tinder Phil is doing the rounds again, and we really want this to become a thing currently we have 3 profiles set up across the states we need to get Phil worldwide on tinder so if your up for it please set up a Phil account use this image and wait for the swipe rights to roll in, reply to them as if your Phil and send us the conversations!” Some of these conversations are pretty funny. If anything you should make your dog a Tinder profile and see how matches you get. Check out some of the Conversations below.

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