Cameras Capture The Emotional Moment An Owner Reunites With His Dog Displaced By Harvey

Author: JT

Thousands upon thousands of animals were displaced from their owners due to the effects of Hurricane Harvey.

Buttercup was, unfortunately, one of those pups that got swept in the terrors of the storm and got separated from her family.  A local Houston news station was at the Texan’s home, the NRG Arena, and caught the incredible magical and emotional moment when Buttercup was finally reunited with her family.

Buttercup was one of 23 reunions at the Pet Pavillion designed to reunite pets and their owners.  Unfortunately, over hundreds of cats and dogs remain.  Typically, a pet is housed for 30 days in the pavilion before it is offered for adoption.  According to the Best Friends Animal Society, all animals will either be fostered, adopted or transported at the end of their 30 day period if they are not reunited with their families.


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