Users Who Have Downloaded iOS 11 Experiencing Much Shorter Battery Lives Than Before

Author: JT

The new iOS software offers a lot for the iPhone users who have downloaded, although it appears to  come at a price.

Users who have downloaded the new software unfortunately have been experiencing severe drains in their battery life.  Security firm Wandera analyzed 50,000 “moderate to heavy iPhone and iPad users” who ran either iOS 10 or 11, and compared the battery performance in both systems.  Wandera found that devices utilizing iOS 11 ran through a full battery in just 96 minutes,while those with iOS 10 ran through a full battery in 240 minutes.

Even without the study, people have noticed their shorter battery lives, and have been tweeting their displeasure.

It should be an easy fix for Apple, however, and should be included in their next update.  For the time being, users can save their battery life through closing apps they are not currently using, and by switching to Low Power mode.


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