These Are Predicted To Be The Ten Most Popular Halloween Costumes This Year

Author: JT

This year, once again there will be no shortage of incredible Halloween costumes.  Still, with the amount of options to choose from, inevitable you’ll show up to a party with the same exact costume as somebody else.

If you want to stand out this year, shopping website Lyst took data from searches, pins and saves of Pinterest users to find out what costumes are shaping up to be the most popular this year.

Here’s hows the list is shaping up this year:




7-The cast of Baywatch

6-The cast of Game of Thrones

5-Wonder Woman


3-Belle from Beauty and the Beast

2-The cast of Stranger Things

1-Pennywise the Clown

And in case you want to dress as any of these for yourself, you can find some costume and clothing tips HERE!

Via Buzzfeed

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