‘IT: Chapter Two’ Is Coming Much Sooner Than You’d Think

New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. have just announced that the sequel to the 2017 ‘IT’ reboot is set to release on September 6th, 2019. That might seem like a long ways away but as far as movies go this is a pretty quick turn around. It does make sense that New Line and Warner Bros. chose to fast track chapter two. 2017’s ‘IT’ was the highest grossing R rated horror film ever, pulling in $478.1 million world wide.

Andy Muschietti will be returning to direct the next chapter, as well as writing the script with help from Gary Dauberman.

Like the book and miniseries, the next installment of ‘IT’ will focus on the same characters 27 years in the future. The original ‘Losers’ Club’ will return to their home town of Dairy to fight the evil clown Pennywise one more time. We do know that the next movie will have several flashbacks to the original so we’ll still get some of the childhood antics that made ‘IT’ so great.

There’s no word yet on who will play the adult members of the ‘Losers’ Club,’ but not surprisingly the internet has already exploded with casting suggestions.

Via Mashable

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