Yes, you read that headline correctly. IPAs might be giving you man boobs. Research in the hops used in IPA beers show they contain a high number of phytoestrogens. What the heck are phytoestrogens, you ask? Phytoestrogens are actually the same as estrogen, the hormone that causes fertility in all female mammals only they’re dietary estrogen so it’s not created by the human endocrine system. Fun fact: because IPAs contain these  phytoestrogens, these beers are actually a wonderful medicine for menopause and insomnia. Ladies, take note!

So what does this mean for men? If you’ve never heard of the term “Brewer’s Droop,” it’s exactly as it sounds. Man boobs. This might make the IPA beer a less desirable choice for men. The herbal healing properties of hops have always existed, however. The hops aid in acting as a sleep inducer, as a diuretic, and promoting urine flow. The imbalance of estrogen in men due to drinking IPAs could even negatively affect their performance in the bedroom.

This is all just to say that IPAs giving men “man boobs” all depends on how much you’re drinking of course. Because hops is medicinal, and like medicine should be approached with caution when determining intake and dosage, the same applies to IPAs. We’re just saying it might not hurt to choose a gose or a wild ale every now and then.

You can read the full article on hops and man boobs here.


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