Jake Gyllenhaal Meets His ‘Stronger’ Movie Role, a Boston Marathon Survivor, at North Dallas Prosthetics Center

Jake Gyllenhaal’s starring role in the new movie Stronger is about a man, Jeff Bauman, who was one of many victims during the Boston Marathon bombing. But the movie actor hasn’t been the center of attention. That’s because Bauman himself has been by Gyllenhaal’s side for all the events and has been opening up the floor (and red carpets) for discussion to shed light on the tragedy that took place April 15, 2013. Both Gyllenhaal and Bauman recently visited Scott Sabolich Research and Prosthetics in North Dallas on Tuesday afternoon. And Bauman seemed to light up the room with his story.

Bauman lost both of his legs in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, where he was standing in the crowd cheering for his girlfriend at the time. A photograph of a man in a cowboy hat pushing Bauman in a wheelchair quickly circulated and became iconic.

As the two had been touring the prosthetics center in North Dallas, Gyllenhall spoke of Bauman in an interview with GuideLive, “Even when we’re here today, it’s incredible to watch people respond to Jeff. Just to sit there, humbled and amazed by all the incredible people who have gone through what they’ve gone through, and are living even better lives than they probably ever expected to, it’s incredible. That community is inspiring.”

Stronger is out in theaters today.

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