Debra Messing Gives a Tour of Will & Grace’s New Set for the Season and We Can’t Contain Ourselves

With just one week away until fans welcome Will & Grace back on the screen, Debra Messing met with Architectural Digest and on-set production designer Glenda Rovello and set decorator Peter Gurski to give a tour of the new(ish) set for the revival.

While many fans might think the sets on the show will remain the same, they will be surprised to see sets have undergone more of a reconstruction than just light updates here and there. The new set features everything from $20,000 benches by Hermès to the upgrade of Will’s iconic orange wall.

Set decorator Peter Gurski says, “The unusual thing was we had everything from the original set because it had been on display at Emerson College for about ten years. We had the set walls, we had everything, so we had that as a reference point. We had a chance to look at what could be better and what could stay.”

Debra Messing even chimes in telling Architectural Digest, “”We were lucky and privileged to have the same design team who created the first set to update the current one. I do know that they were instructed to add pieces to reflect that Will has enjoyed success as a lawyer and that he hired Grace to add some new flourishes to the apartment.”

Other details fans might notice include Karen’s desk getting a nice upgrade, and Grace’s office reflecting her busy life better. Designer Gurski says, “I wanted Grace’s office to reflect that she’s a very busy working designer, so her office is almost like a lab; we have these amazing chairs, I think they’re from Switzerland in the ’50s, and we put this amazing fabric from Romo on them.”

You can read the entire rundown on their new set with Architectural Digest here.

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