Ok Full House fans, this new fan theory will absolutely blow your mind. Especially since there’s scientific evidence to back it up!

Ever noticed that DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle all have blonde hair even though their dad, Danny, has extremely dark brown hair? So what about mom? There is one episode where the girls are watching old home movies and we catch a glimpse of their mom, who has blonde hair. Ok, so there’s the explanation.

Nope! According to science, when dad had dark hair and mom has blonde hair, there’s a 50% chance that their kids will have blonde hair. The odds of all three Tanner kids having blonde hair is 12.5%.

And that’s where the Joey theory comes into play. Perhaps Joey is the real father of the girls! He’s blonde! And that would explain why he gave up his career to live in the Tanner household for eight years.

But the theory goes a step further. It looks like Joey might also be the father of Becky and Jesse’s twins since they’re blonde too!

OMG! Please make this a plot line on Fuller House! They could all go on Maury Povich. It would be amazing!


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