Chris Hemsworth Almost Lost “Thor” Role To Younger Brother, Liam

It’s hard to imagine anyone but Chris Hemsworth portraying the Asgardian superhero “Thor” in the string of Marvel movies over the last half decade.  If we had to, however, our first choice would be his younger brother, Liam.

Apparently for movie producers, Liam was the first choice before Chris finally landed the role.  Hemsworth told W Magazine that both brothers were in the running, but after a few months Chris still had heard nothing.  “Months went by and then my brother, my little brother, Liam, was in Australia and sent a tape across and he got a call back, then another call back and then was down to the last kind of four or five people for it.  I remember sitting in Vancouver, shooting Cabin in the Woods with Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon.  Both of them were looking at the trades at this sort of top five guys for Thor and saying, ‘Why aren’t you in the mix here?  What happened?’  I said, ‘I don’t know.  I blew my audition I guess.’  None of those guys got it.”

In fact, it was this little sibling rivalry that eventually helped Chris secure the role over his little brother.  After his manager called Thor producers and the director, Kenneth Branagh, he was brought back in for another audition.  “I did an audition in Vancouver in this hotel room with my mum reading Anthony Hopkins’ part.  She must have nailed it because it got me back in the room and that second audition was a lot different than my first one.  I came in kind of with a little, I guess, motivation and maybe frustration that my little brother had gotten further than me.  It’s a little family, sibling rivalry sort of kicked up in me.”

The newest installment in the Thor series, Thor: Ragnarok, will enter theaters November 3.

Via EW

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