As fictitious as you might think it to be, we cannot be that far away from a real-life Walking Dead scenario.  It’s already been proven in the past that a few bath salts will make a man start eating another man’s face, but now there’s another reason to be worried about the eventual zombie apocalypse.

A virus spreading in England is infecting caterpillars, and causing them to exhibit very zombie-like behavior.  “Baculovirus,” as it is known, tends to attack smaller members of the natural world, and causes these caterpillars to move towards the sun aka, towards the danger.  These caterpillars aren’t really equipped to handle the heat, and as a result, explode and their exoskeleton disintegrates.  Not only that, all of the goo and liquid that explodes from their bodies carries the virus as well, potentially leading to more exploding zombie caterpillars.

Chris Miller, mosslands manager for The Wildlife Trusts in Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside, says the scenes of exploding caterpillars resemble those of a “zombie horror film.”

So far it, the virus has not effected any humans, but you can never be too careful around anything that explodes, right?


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