On this edition of the podcast, JT and Billy Kidd talked to ‘Real Housewives Of Dallas’ star LeeAnne Locken. They talked Jessica Simpson, the infamous “It’s a little Plano in here” line, what viewers can expect from her in Season two and more.


JT and Billy were interested in getting the female perspective on a few things. Including what she thought about Jessica Simpsons latest instagram post. “I think it was very honest, genuine, real and authentic of her. I mean s*** happens you know?,” LeeAnne said. Adding, “At least she shaved the majority of them. She doing better than me.”

“I think people who care about what the reaction is going to be when you do a post, are probably people who should’t be f****** posting,” She continued.

The conversation then turned to celebrities people like to pick on, like Nickelback. “You know I love Nickelback. I love’em, so screw y’all. I think people love to hate. I think hate is so f’ing contagious. And it’s sad to me, cause you know I’m so about love and sunshine and rainbows,” LeeAnne said.

Billy asked LeeAnne if she had ever said anything on ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’ that she was surprised by people’s reaction, which of course lead to the now infamous, ‘It’s a little Plano in here” line that LeeAnne said in season one of the show. “I went into a space where there were young girls that were Brandi and Stephanie’s friends from Plano…We were walking in and you know how when you walk in somewhere and people look at you and they go, put their hand in front of their mouth and go “pshp pshp pshp pshp…hee hee hee hee.” And I was like really b****, like really. Like oh my god are you twenty yet? Have you had a beer? Are you allowed to drink? Cause you’ve got wine in your hand sweetie. Are we breaking the law right now,” LeeAnne said.

“I am bluntly honest. It’s a blessing and a curse. And people will say to me all the time, “LeeAnne you don’t have to be so bluntly honest.” and I’m like you know what, “I don’t lie. I don’t like lairs.” And oh my god will you see a lot of why I don’t like liars in season two,” she added.

Later the conversation turned to what viewers can expect from LeeAnne in season two. “People are really going to see me, very centered, very still, and very deliberate. Which is not what you saw last season. I mean basically you just saw a freakin’ alcoholic. Which I’m not, but let’s face it, I mean I drank a lot during season one, and I needed to,” she said.

Listen to the complete podcast in the audio above. You can listen to all the Podcasts right HERE.


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