Women Can Now Conduct A Pregnancy Test…Using Toothpaste

Author: JT

A new viral trend claims women can find out if they’re pregnant or not though a combination of their urine, and somehow…toothpaste.

The test works as follows:  Squeeze a small amount of white toothpaste into a little cup, and then add a few drops of urine.  You mix it, wait three minutes, and if the toothpaste turns a bluish color, boom…pregnant.

Apparently, the toothpaste pregnancy test isn’t a new revelation.  Babyprepping.com claims the test surfaced “decades ago,” when pregnancy tests weren’t readily available in stores as they are now.

Dr. Napoleon Maminta, a primary care physician at Naptown Priority Health in Indiana says that if done correctly, the test can give women the “reason to believe that she is pregnant,” and if done, should only be viewed as an “initial test.”

Good enough for us!

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