A quaint Southern California town is under attack, if its residents have any say in the matter.

Riverside resident Cary Shuker told the Press-Enterprise that he has actively had to shoo away a hairless creature from his home.  He describes the mysterious animal as two feet longer than “the biggest coyote you’ve ever seen.”  Shuker believes the animal was hunting his cat, and was angry that he “stole its breakfast.”

Other residents have corroborated Shuker’s story, believing it to be the mythical chupacabra, otherwise known as the “goat sucker,” a creature that stalks animals and drinks their blood.

Unfortunately, chances are the animal these residents are seeing is more than likely a coyote of some sort.  Loren Coleman, director of the International Cryptozoology Museum, confirmed that in 100% of these cases of chupacabra sighting, the animal in question turns out to be “100 percent canid (coyotes, foxes, dogs, red wolves), usually with mange.”

Last year, similar chupacabra sightings were reported, and upon further investigation, ended up being common coyotes infected with mange.  Although this is a case not to be taken lightly.  Mange is contagious, so whether it be a chupacabra, or a mange infected coyote, keep your pets away!

Via Huffington Post


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