Toddler Has Unruly, Permanent “Albert Einstein Hair” Due To Genetic Condition

Jaili Lamb is an absolutely adorable two-year-old whose hair is bright, constantly tangled, and an eater of all sorts of brushes and combs.

Her mother, Sara, had spent upwards of $200 on various hair products and treatments to try and flatten her daughter’s hair.  She spent all this money and time before learning that Jaili’s hair is this way due to “Uncombable Hair Syndrome.”

After a visit to the doctor, Sara learned that she happens to carry one of the three genes known to cause the condition, one that many believe Albert Einstein endured in his life.  Jaili’s hair draws attention everywhere the family goes, and while some incredibly rude strangers will make snide comments, the majority of the reaction to Jaili’s hair is positive.  Sara says, “It’s usually, ‘Oh my God, her hair is so cute. She is adorable.’  We have a friend who said she looks like a dandelion and I think she does.  It’s also so bright white that when it catches the sun her whole head is iridescent.  It’s almost like a little rainbow.”

Uncombable Hair Syndrome is incredibly rare, and is a result of a mutation in one of the three genes involved in the production of hair proteins.  And although there is no cure, Andrew Messenger, professor of dermatology at the University of Sheffield, has said that the condition does improve with age.

Via Daily Mail


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