1. I showed goats as a toddler.  I even won blue ribbon for keeping my Nanny goat in-line when she tried to take off during a show!
  2. I have a degree in English and a minor in French.  I never took a single broadcast, journalism, or communications class.  Radio kind of happened by accident, but I fell in love with it!
  3. I love movies and can’t watch one without logging into IMDB a few times.  It’s kind of like gamers with their books.
  4. My favorite bands are Guns N’ Roses, Alice in Chains, and Waylon Jennings.
  5. My favorite person in the world is my dad.  He grew up on a farm in Poolville.  He’s one of the hardest workers I know and believed in the power of education.  He became a nurse at a time when men weren’t going into the nursing field.  He was kind of a ladies man!

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  1. My mother was in the army.
  2.     I’m the youngest child with only half-siblings who are much older.  Consequently, I never really learned how to share.  It’s something I’m still working on.
  3.      I’m a strong believer in use of the Oxford comma!
  4.      When I was in middle school, my band director said I had to choose between band and cheerleading.  I liked the skirt more than the cape, so I chose cheerleading.  Later, I was an Ice Girl for the Dallas Stars.  I’m not much of a dancer and figured I had a better chance at learning to skate than learning to dance.


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  1.  My 5x great-grandfather was a Patriot and signed a document called the Tryon Resolves.  Thanks to his bravery, I’m a member of the Daughter’s of the American Revolution.


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  1.  I hate olives.  I’ve tried and tried to like them because they’re so good for you, but I just can’t do it!
  2.  I was bitten by a brown recluse when I was in college and was treated with medication used for leprosy.
  3.  My primal fear is heights.  The idea of bungee jumping, sky-diving, or even riding roller-coasters petrifies me.
  4.  My fiance and I nearly came to a tragic end during a vacation in Belize.  Our kayak flipped over beyond the reef and we lost it.  We had to swim to shore at night.  I had a life-jacket, but he didn’t.  We were fortunate that the tide was coming in, not out, otherwise, we probably wouldn’t have made it.  Fortunately, my primal fear is not water!


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  1.  I love animals and have 4 dogs.  I’d love to have an animal rescue non-profit someday.

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