Passengers Stuck At JFK Airport After Pregnant Turtles Wander Onto Runway

JFK International Airport is overrun.  Apparently, it’s Diamondback Terrapin nesting season up there, and it’s cool because they’re turtles, and turtles are cute.  They can also be ninjas, but that’s besides the point.

Unfortunately, several flights were delayed Friday afternoon after these pregnant turtles wandered onto the tarmacs and runways, looking for a place to lay their eggs.

Most of the passengers seemed to take the delays in stride.  They didn’t want any harm to the turtles, obviously.

This isn’t the first time this sort of event has happened at JFK, either.  Last year, more than 500 turtles had to be carried off JFK runways during the summer nesting season.  Apparently, the sandy soil surrounding the airport, which happens to be above the high-tide line, seems to be the ideal place for these turtles to lay their eggs.

Via Patch

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