15 Things You Didn’t Know About JT

1. I was a chubby kid-  I was chubby from about age 7 until I hit my growth spurt at 12.  It was a rough time LOL, I also had buck teeth, a few bad haircuts, and really big glasses.

jt kid 15 Things You Didnt Know About JT

2. I’ve lived in DFW my entire life. Age 0-6 in West Richardson, 6-14 in Garland (the very edge), 14-18 in East Richardson, 18-23 in Fort Worth (TCU), 23-29 in North Dallas, and currently in East Dallas (White Rock).  I’ve always been willing to move, but the best college I got in to was here, and so was the best career opportunity.

3. I had blonde highlights in high school –  I didn’t want to be Ryan Cabrera, but I did really trust my stylist, and this was the result.

jt highlights 15 Things You Didnt Know About JT

4. I was a touring musician –  When I was 17, my high school band made the rounds in Deep Ellum (Curtain Club, Galaxy Club, Trees, etc.).  We also did a regional tour with a pretty big ‘90s band that shall remain nameless, signed an embarrassingly bad record contract, and got played locally on rock radio.  After a quick rise and fall I quit the band and finished my senior year of high school (my parents were very happy).

20170428 195154 1499279654004 14992808080421 15 Things You Didnt Know About JT

5. My highschool is marginally famous.  L.V. Berkner High School.  The Rams.  Other alumni include Dallas Cowboys legend Everson Walls, current Denver Broncos star Aqib Talib (my lab partner in chemistry) and local sports-radio super stars Ben & Skin.

6. I am psychotic about TCU Football, but you will NEVER see me at a game.  I prefer to watch the games alone, by myself, in my room with the door shut.  The stress is too much and I don’t want to subject anyone else to my insanity.

7.I was an actor.  I had some lead roles in high school that got write ups in the Dallas Morning News.  My mom was really proud at the time but for some reason she can’t find the newspaper clippings ANYWHERE.  I had several scholarship offers to act in college, and I almost attended Marymount college in Manhattan, NYC…but I freaked out at the last minute and decided on a more “normal” college experience.  So much for all of that…I still ended up in radio.

jt actor 15 Things You Didnt Know About JT

8. I was on the high school drumline.  After 9th grade I had to decide between football and drums because they wouldn’t let you play in the games and then march at halftime.  At the time, the Captain of the drumline was homecoming king and our football team was winless….easy decision.

9. My sister is a teacher.  My sister, Laynie, and I both declared emphatically that we would NEVER come back home after college.  I still haven’t left the metroplex and she teaches 3rd grade in the same school district we came up through.

10. My favorite childhood bands are kind of embarrassing.  I was probably the biggest Limp Bizkit fan on the face of the planet.  My first three concerts at age 12 went like this…Limp Bizkit (Bronco Bowl), Blink 182 (starplex), and Limp Bizkit (Reunion Arena).

11. I answer all Facebook messages. Sometimes I’m quicker than others, but it’s important to me and I would love to connect with you.  Click below to like my page and let’s start talking!


12. I was a superhero geek before it was cool.  You could find me deep in internet chat rooms in 2002 sifting through details and rumors about (at the time) an unwanted reboot to the Batman franchise to be fostered by a little-known director named Christopher Nolan.

13. I never planned to be on the radio.  I got in to radio because I was (and still am) fascinated by the behind the scenes workings of the entertainment industry.  Then someone asked me to voice a promo back in 2012 and here we are today.


jt radio 15 Things You Didnt Know About JT

14. I really use the products I talk about on the air.  I wasn’t expecting Metro PCS to be the best phone service I ever used.  Turns out it’s fantastic and I can’t say enough about it.  I work out at Gold’s Gym in Uptown on McKinney Avenue every day after work.

15. I wasn’t around for all of the 1980’s, but I am an old soul. I discovered the music we play on JACK-fm via DFW radio on my boom box and by watching MTV, constantly.  My Mom was pretty strict, but I have to give her credit; she let me discover my own musical/pop culture tastes from an early age.


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