Teachers Reveal The Dumbest Questions Ever Asked To Them By Students

We are smack dab in the middle of summer vacation, and we know all you teachers are savoring the precious days of freedom before the school year begins again.

Well just in case you forgot what it’s like, or even if you aren’t a teacher and don’t necessarily realize what teachers go through day by day, sit back and read this list.  A thread on Reddit asked teachers to reveal the “most stupid question a student has ever asked you?”  Now before we begin, “stupid” is subjective, so don’t feel bad if you’ve thought of these same questions for yourself.  We are definitely not behind your back snickering at such a stupid question.

For the full list of responses, you can visit the Reddit thread HERE, but here are a couple of our favorites:

“Do people in movies actually die?” – High School ~ ExpFilm_Student

“Isn’t there any homework for tonight?” — followed by immediate assassination of nerd by fellow classmates. ~ Tawptuan

“If I’m allergic to peanuts, can I eat peanut M&Ms?” 7th grade. ~ WFleming593

“Do they have the moon in Germany?” Edit: Yes, they were serious. ~ Punchysporkk

“Where do they put all the snow in the summer?” – High school kid ~ DrAngryJuice

“So did everyone in the 1930s just really love soup? Like, they had entire buildings for selling broth?”  This came while we were reading Of Mice and Men, when the farmhands visited a brothel… ~ RedPenVandal

“How do you spell NBA?” ~ Towelenthusiast

“Do we need a calculator for this test?” …. in an English class. ~ Lutz44

“May I have permission to step out of class and punch this one kid?” ~ pyroSeven

Via BroBible

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