Possible Bigfoot Prints Found In Round Rock, Texas

Do you believe Bigfoot exists?

Bigfoot has been considered a mythical creature for years. There have been numerous sightings, footprints, weird noises in the woods, but no definitive proof or evidence to support the idea that Bigfoot is really exists. Unless you count Harry and the Hendersons as a documentary.

However, the Round Rock Parks and Rec Department, is fueling the theory with some Bigfoot evidence of their own. A few days ago the department posted several pictures of what could be Bigfoot footprints. Apparently all the images were captured by their video surveilance, in three different areas.

And it doesn’t stop there. There’s been an update since these pics were posted. The department also found several clumps of hair.

Ok, so we’re pretty sure the Round Rock Parks and rec Department is just messing with us, but do you really want to take that chance? Heck no! We’re headed to Round Rock to search for Sasquatch ASAP!

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