Loud is good when it comes to therapeutic swearing. Researchers in New Zealand found that saying swear words help relieve pain – such as when you stub your toe.

It also works with a heartache or hurt feelings.

The new study says swearing alleviates the pain of social distress. Examples given include a quarrel with one’s partner or not being invited to a party.

Study author Dr. Michael Philipp from Massey University’s School of Psychology says, “Previous research suggests that social stressors, like rejection and ostracism, not only feel painful but also increase peoples’ sensitivity to physical pain. Pain Overlap Theory suggests that social distress feels painful because both social and physical pain is biologically coupled. Pain overlap theory predicts that anything affecting physical pain should have similar effects on social pain.”

He suggests one still needs to be aware of who’s in the room before unleashing a torrent of blasphemy.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just swear our way out of all pain? No medicine or counseling required.


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