April The Giraffe Grants Make-A-Wish For 10 Year Old With Life-Threatening Disorder

Author: JT

You’d be lying if you said you weren’t at least mildly curious about April the Giraffe and her pregnancy a couple of months ago.

For 10-year-old Alexander Johnson, however, mildly curious doesn’t do justice to how much he loves April and her calf, Oliver.  The Ohio native watched April’s entire journey, from pregnancy to birth, and dreamed one day to meet the world’s most famous giraffe.  Animal Adventure Park was completely on-board with granting Alex’s wish, and suffice to say Alex was filled with incredible joy and emotion when April reached down to greet him.

Alex’s mother, Dawn, said days before April was due to give birth, Alex was hospitalized because of his illness.  He was released from the hospital the day from the birth, but was sleeping the whole time trying to recover.  Dawn said she woke him up to watch it, and he actually stayed awake the whole time and watched the entire thing.  Dawn said she knew meeting April had to be Alex’s wish because they “couldn’t get him to stay up more than 5-10 minutes, when he came out of the hospital,” but for April he stayed awake.


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