Experts Claim Time Travel “Possible” Through Black Holes

Literature professor Simon John James and physicist Richard Bower are two fellas way smarter than any of us.  They were both involved in the curation of the exhibition “Time Machine,” and they both spoke how through existing black holes in space, time travel is a very real possibility.

Whenever we look at stars or planets in the sky, we are looking at thousands of years in the past.  Bower says we are watching history unfold right in front of our eyes.  The question then becomes whether or not we can manipulate the past, rather than just view it.

At face value, no, we cannot, but earlier generations said it was impossible for humans to fly, too.  Quantum mechanics suggest that parallel universes exist, although we are not aware of them, and these parallel universes are the key to time travel, along with the spinning, inner regions of black holes, where time and space exist so closely they are practically one in the same.

Aristotle once said that each story has a beginning, middle, and end, although they do not necessarily have to be in that order.  So how close are we to living out a real life Back to the Future?

Via Daily Mail

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