Poor, Monique Jeffrey.  In 2011, she was lying in her bed one morning just checking her emails when she felt a sneeze coming.  Her head jolted forward from the sneeze, and immediately her chin fell onto her shoulder and she was overcome with agonizing pain.  Her C1 and C2 vertebrae had collapsed.

She called her husband at work, using the speakerphone because she couldn’t hold the phone to her ear, and he immediately rushed home and called an ambulance.  She was placed in a neck traction that immobilized the neck and allowed it to heal.  14 weeks later, she made a full recovery.

Just three weeks ago, though, Jeffrey was laughing with some coworkers about how she injured her neck when it happened again.  She recalled the incident to the NY Post saying, “It wasn’t as bad as the last time.  I shuffled back to my desk and I said to one of my colleagues, ‘I’m in trouble here, I think I’ve done my neck again,’ because it felt the same and I was stuck.”

She was placed in a neck halo that completely stops her from moving her neck.  Jeffrey said, “I’ve had two kids and getting the halo is worse than childbirth.”  She can move around, but says something as simple as walking up the stairs tires her out since she’s been so inactive.  She must wear the halo for six weeks.

Jeffrey will need to undergo months of rehab and physical therapy upon removal of the halo to strengthen the muscles in her neck, and her sister set up a GoFundMe page to help pay the ever rising medical bills.  Jeffrey still maintains a positive attitude, though.  “It’s not terminal, I’m going to be fine, but it does suck a bit.  You just have to laugh about it.”

Via NY Post

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