The Heat, Traffic, And Houston? 11 Things Dallas Residents LOVE To Hate!

Take a minute and think about what you hate the most being a Dallasite.

We’ll wait.

Ready?  Chances are, you’ve probably thought of everything on this list put out by Guide Live.  Now, Dallas is an incredible place to live with some of the nicest people in the world.  Why does the rest of the country react so alarmingly at a Texan’s friendly nod while walking down the street?  That being said, some things drive us crazy and we can’t stand ’em.  It doesn’t mean we’re bad people.  We’re just real.

The following are 11 things that most Dallasites have had a bad thought about at least some time if not all the time.

The Heat

It’s already 90 degrees outside.  What happened to Spring?  That’s a season that Dallas fails to recognize year after year.  Also, the Miami Heat is acceptable here as well.

Jerry Jones

He’s brought a lot of good to the city, but plenty will ask what he’s done for us lately.  It has been twenty years since we’ve had a Super Bowl championship.


Houston’s biggest problem?  They’re not Dallas.  And the humidity.


Need we say more?


There’s a reason people are flocking to the Lone Star State.  California is too expensive and people are more scared of earthquakes than tornadoes.

Bad Tex-Mex

Try ordering Tex-Mex up North.  You will not have a good time.


There are plenty of Oklahoman transports living here, and it’s tough to fight through the thousands of ’em every Cotton Bowl weekend.

Chili with beans

We don’t really see a problem here.  Chili is great.  Beans are fine.


Not necessarily exclusive to Dallas, but they cause enough eye roll to warrant being here.


We can verify, however, that it doesn’t always smell like urine.

Overpriced Cocktails

If we’re paying $8 for a drink it better come with an appetizer.

They also list Tony Romo as a bonus item of hatred, and he’s definitely received his fair share of backlash over his career, but we don’t have the heart to list him with the real list of things we hate.  It’s still too hard.

Via Guide Live

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