After spending hours doing your grocery shopping, the last thing you want to do is wait seemingly just as long in the line to check out.  Whether you’re stuck behind someone writing a check, or has 46 items in the 15 items or less lane, we know you want to get out of the store just as soon as you walk in, and sometimes, unfortunately, we get stuck.

A couple of statisticians from the University of Sussex say no longer, however.  There’s actually a science to choosing the fastest lane at the check-out line, and they summarize their whole study with the idea that the intuitive choice of line may not always be the best, i.e., the shortest may not always be the fastest.

In short, the best ways to choose the shortest line include:

– Choose to be served by female cashiers: Experts suggest that female cashiers are faster

– Stand in lines that feed into several registers: They will get through customers quicker

– Opt for checkouts on the left: Most shoppers are right-handed and so choose to line up on the right

– Get behind shoppers with a cart rather than a basket: It can be quicker to stand behind one person with a cart full of items instead of several shoppers with a basket as the face-to-face interaction time is quicker

Of course, the data is all relative, and you might just get unlucky if you get stuck behind a check-writer or extreme couponer, but use these tips and hopefully you’ll save a couple extra minutes standing in line!

Via Daily Mail

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