April the Giraffe’s Baby Finally Gets a Name

April the giraffe had us waiting for quite some time for her baby to arrive, but the naming was a much quicker process. Born on April 15th with just about 1.2 million people watching on YouTube and nearly 750,000 watching from the zoo’s Facebook page, April the giraffe’s pregnancy captivated thousands with people tuning in from around the world to watch the zoo’s livestream.

The baby’s name? Tajiri. Tajiri is Swahili for “hope.” The name was the choice of giraffe keeper at Animal Adventure Park, Allysa Swilley. According to Yahoo, Swilley led the care of April for the 16 months of her pregnancy. With the help of other park officials, she chose the name Tajiri. It’s only fitting, right?

Park owern, Jordan Patch added, “They picked that name because they hope that we can continue forward this message of conservation for sustainability and preservation of giraffes in the wild and also our efforts in captivity.” And if you have a little trouble pronouncing the name, you could also call Tajiri “Taj” for short. We like that.

Welcome to the world, Tajiri.


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