Seth Rogen Stole Questlove’s Hair Pick From The Tonight Show And Framed It

Author: JT

Seth Rogen is one of the most famous people in the world.  His movies have made millions, and he would be hard pressed to walk anywhere without someone not recognizing that trademark laugh.

Knowing this, it’s pretty cool to see him fangirl over something just like any one of us would.  He wrapped up an appearance on The Tonight Show, and let’s say he was a little excited to meet Questlove from the legendary Roots crew and The Tonight Show house band.

Rogen not only stole Quest’s trademark hair pick and brought it home with him, he framed it and it probably now proudly sits on his wall.  Probably next to or replacing a picture of his family.

No word if he used it or not before framing it, but he definitely did, right?

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