Since Live Streaming Began On April The Giraffe, 35 Baby Animals Were Born At Dallas Zoo

Author: JT

Animal Adventure Park began their live stream of April the Giraffe on February 10th.  Over a month later, April finally gave birth to a brand new healthy baby giraffe.  In that time, 35 animals were born or hatched inside the walls of our very own Dallas Zoo.

The animals included plenty of birds and reptiles, and a few creatures important not only to the zoo but to the preservation of their species.  Bolasie is the first Eastern bongo born at the zoo since 2015.

The zoo’s first tamandua baby was born near the end of February, which is pretty rare for those animals under human care, and only three tamanduas born survived in zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums last year.

Check out some of the adorable, furry new additions to the Dallas Zoo below!

Via Dallas News

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