By Billy Kidd

Paper artist and photographer Rich McCor, who goes by “Paperboyo” uses paper to reimagine historical landmarks in fun and silly ways. The art might look simple, but the popular tourist attractions are seen in a whole new way. We’ve got to admit these are pretty cool!

Have you ever heard of the word naumachia? Until I got to Rome I hadn’t either, but it’s a word the Romans used to describe simulated naval fights – they were like gladiator battles on a bigger and wetter scale. Sometimes special structures were built and other times lakes were used, but there is evidence that the colosseum was once turned into a gladiatorial water world for a naumachia (the more you say that word, the more addictive it becomes). According to the Roman historian Cassius Dio, a sea fight took place in the amphitheatre in 86 AD. Ships, weapons and thousands of men were brought in and since every effort was made to make a naumachia (I bet you’re saying it out loud now) a colossal event, even sea creatures were shipped in from around the globe – hence why I put an octopus inside the colosseum, because y’know when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Time to hop back on board Royal Princess and head up the coast to the port of Livorno to visit Florence. (Head to @princesscruises to see more images) #comebacknew

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Pisa had been occupied by the Nazis in WWII, but in 1944 the US army was advancing. The tower, or as the US soliders referred to it the “Tiltin’ Hilton”, was suspected of being used by the Nazis as a lookout tower, so Staff Sgt. Leon Weckstein was tasked with scouting the Tower to confirm their suspicions. From a nearby olive grove, he peered through his binoculars looking for signs of life; his order was that if saw movement he would call ‘fire’ down the radio and the tower would be demolished in seconds. But just as he studied the landmark, bombs exploded nearby and Weckstein was ordered to retreat. Had he seen anyone in the tower, the famous landmark may not still be standing today. In an interview with the Guardian in 2000 he was asked if he thought the Germans were in the tower: “You know something? I’ve had 50 years to think about it, and I’m pretty sure they were.” (Head to @princesscruises to see more images) #comebacknew

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