We have all secretly judged a co-worker for their behavior at one time or another, in fact, we probably have all been judged for OUR own behavior as well. Sometimes when we are at work we forget to remind ourselves that there is in-office etiquete that must be followed, simply put, we forget that we are not at home.

This is why we have decided to try to save your relationship with your co-workers with this list of the 5 Things You Should NEVER Do At Work, trust us, NO ONE likes for you to do this.

5. Self Grooming – No one wants to see or hear you flossing, brushing your teeth, rinsing your mouth, or anything of that nature. There is a restroom for that and you trying to do anything of the sort in your office space is not okay – EVER.

4. Taking Your Shoes Off – Repeat the following three times: “I am not at home, I am not at home, I am not at home,” well done, now that you have done so, ACT LIKE IT! There is no reason why anyone should have their shoes off in an office space, no matter how clean you think you are, there are odors that other will detect that you have grown accustomed to. Don’t do it.

3. Take Personal Calls – Everyone has emergencies and sometimes we need to take care of business when it comes to our loved ones and that is more than okay, however, NO ONE wants to hear gossip or your love life.

2. Take Things From Other Cubicles – You would think this is something that everyone would understand, right? WRONG! People take office supplies from other people’s desks often. It may be a notepad, a pen, or a stapler. Remember, all of these things cost money and it is very insensitive for you to take something that is NOT yours, not to mention that it is called stealing!

1. Microwaving Fish, Popcorn, Or Other Foods w/ A Strong Odor – You may think this is not a big deal but it is, NO ONE wants to smell your plate of fish for the next 30 to 45 minutes. Be mindful that no everyone is okay with these strong smells. Bring something to the office that is not going to disturb others.
Are you guilty of any of these activities?


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