By Billy Kidd

Love is a nice feeling and let’s not kid ourselves here, okay? We all like a good sob. Especially, cute proposals that make us feel just as bubbly inside as the ones getting proposed to. We came across some of the best proposals, and after a few tissues (yes, we watched each one), we’re ready to share them with you. Disclaimer: you’re definitely going to want to have some tissues at hand…and if you’re watching this in public hopefully you’re cool with crying in public, too.

The Christmas Photo

Holidays can be crazy times full of Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, and dreaded family photos. This family turned it into something unique however. They were about to take a family photo that spelled out “Merry Xmas” but after a few switcheroos, the message became something totally different. A family member asked the bride-to-be to check out the photo to see how it turned out and we don’t want to spoil the ending but it’s so good.

Pixar Inspired Proposal

You know that sweet movie Up we all love? The proposal was a homage to the movie, and it turned out amazing. Eric and Katherine are both nurses so it’s hard to find time during normal hours to plan an event like this, but with a little help from Eric’s family, the proposal turned out amazing.  To solidify their engagement the couple paid homage to the movie once more, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out how.

Peter Pan Marriage Proposal

We all had those one or two Disney movies we just couldn’t get enough of as kids. We obsessed over them, role played with them, and probably had our rooms decorated with knick knacks from the movies at some point too. For Moriah, Peter Pan was it. She hoped one day her Peter Pan would take her with him to Neverland. So what are the odds that later in life she would meet Chris, an actor who regularly played the role of Peter Pan on stage? Chris carefully planned the proposal on a boat inviting friends and family to witness. He even had a friend of Moriah’s play Captain Hook. You’re not going to be able to watch this with dry eyes, by the way.

Flash Mob Proposal

We know what you’re thinking…flash mob proposals have been done before, but not like this. Meet Nico. He had the idea to casually take a trip to the gym with his boyfriend-turned-fiance, Mike, to then plan the perfect flash mob dance with Beyonce for the soundtrack before proposing. While the whole thing seems fabulous, it’s when Nico gets down on one knee to ask Mike to marry him that we all choke. You can see throughout the video how nervous Nico is. The work (dancing) paid off in the end!

Gallery Proposal

GUYS….TAKE NOTES. This is a carefully planned proposal if we ever saw one. Faking an art event at a gallery sounds like a lot of work…that’s because it totally is. Sean decided to go above and beyond by creating a fake art event, only the “art” in this gallery are actually all things that somehow tie into their relationship. Sean was crazy over Daniela and was ready to propose to her. He even had an art piece of 43 balloon signifying the amount of months they’ve been together. Another Up reference is made!



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